Call to Action!

In 2018 Swing Left articulated a winning strategy.  Now they have an ambitious new mission for 2020:  take all three houses:  Senate, House, and White, plus key state legislatures to block gerrymandering.  CDTC has identified some additional work such as urging mail-in voting in key states, and insuring election integrity.   

The CDTC is partnering with CRTA on selected projects and outreach to volunteers.

Start Canvassing Now - Train and Act

Texting:  CDTC is holding a second session April 23 of their excellent zoom-based texting training for the Environmental Voting Project (EVP)  In the training you will learn the Hustle texting tool, receive your first workflow and start making contacts.  If interested,  Email 

Just in!  Texting Training for Sarah Gideon in ME


Town committees are the grass roots of the party.  Without us a lot would not happen.


We meet monthly, usually the 3rd Thursday of each month.  Check the calendar.  All are free to visit to our meetings.

We are dedicated to electing Democrats, influencing legislation, supporting state party platform issues, and educating about what needs to be done and how to do it.

We seek motivated new members! Check us out - visit a meeting: 

Committee Facebook Feed

Post Cards:  We are connected to a Concord Indivisible member who makes post card kits for take-home and have already delivered the first round.  Postcard packets of 40 with stamps, and all materials, go to Sarasota County, FL.  The message is for voters to request ballots to mail in.  Reclaim Your Vote in pkts of 20, go to Georgia voters who have been removed from active status.  Packages delivered to your door, thanks to a dedicated CRTA member.  The CDTC is picking up the tab for up to five first time CDTC volunteers in the upcoming round - TWO left!  Email Nancy for all the details.  

Phone Calls for Dems in Maine:  You'll be trained in the current soft touch approach (no persuasion required), review the script and how to employ it and learn List Fixer phone banking system.  Use your computer with smart phone for making calls.  Click to sign up for training and phone sessions:

Tech Training: If you have done door knocking with miniVan or paper logs, this is helpful for phone conversations with voters.  Headset helpful, but optional.  It can be complex if you are a first-timer, so take a training session.  Also, below is a link to their  training slides to help you get a leg up on what's involved.

Ready to Explore?  Michael Ansara, Indivisible MA, is the source of the above canvassing methods and has more recommendations for you.

Making Donations

The emotional choice isn't always the highest leverage way to use your money.  Force Multiplier makes fact-based recommendations for donations to candidates and voter rights organizations.  They help donors avoid hopeless causes and concentrate on those in a tough fight, but with a chance, who will help the goals of taking back the US Senate, and keeping the House.  On their website you can find where national candidates might be speaking locally.

We continue to encourage donations to Organizing Corps 2020 which trains and funds highly skilled, highly local field organizers in key cities in 7 states that Hillary should not have lost:  Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Arizona.  They have recently adopted more virtual methods to be safe.  Quality training requires funds: