The Race for the Senate Is On In Georgia!

Georgia Senate Runoff :  Ossoff  and Warnock

Votes Earned by Candidates November 3.  Winning will be a long climb.

Canvassing  Leads from Swing Left Boston 


Phone Banking

Text Banking

Writing Letters in Quantity

Down Ballot Election Results

US Senate Losses

US House Losses

State Legislatures

Writing Letters A Few at a Time

Get Involved

Both the regular Senate race (Jon Ossoff) and Special Election race (Reverend Warnock) are going to runoffs.  Here is the very tight timeline:

Nov 18:  Earliest day for absentee ballot mail-out to voters

Dec 7:    Voter registration deadline for runoff

Dec 14:  Advanced in person early voting begins for runoff

Jan 5, 2021:  Federal Runoff in person election day.

Regular Election

David Perdue, GOP

Jon Ossoff, Dem

S Hazel Libertarian




Special Election

Combined Dem

  • Warnock

  • Lieberman

Combined GOP

  • Loeffler

  • Collins



  • 32/9%

  • 02.8%


  • 25.9%

  • 19.9%


Data:  CNN

It is possible to wear voters out with too much, especially coming soon after the high tension general election. Various organizations working with campaigns and counties in GA, including Swing Left Boston, list the priorities as 1) donations, 2) phoning and then texting, and letter writing.  The schedule is too short for post card writing if you have to order stamps from USPS.


Stacey Abrams' Fair Fight

FF is working closely with both of the above campaigns as well as continuing to register voters (yes, there are more out there), and generally undoing voter suppression. 

Phone Bank for Jon Ossoff, Nov 18th and 19th still have slots available!

Working Families is listed with Swing Left Boston.  They use Slack for communications and Spoke for texting.  Sign up and training is via video.  Tuesdays at 6 pm starting Dec 1.

Swing Left Boston wrote oceans of letters for the general election.  Now, they are looking for "hosts" to set up writing groups.  A host does essentially the same work that Jean Milburn did for us with post cards for the general election - she isn't doing either postcards or letters for the Georgia runoff though.  If anyone thinks they would like to pick up pre-printed letters, stamps, and other materials, and make packages of 50 letters per writer, contact

In the absence of a local host who can supply Carlisle with packages, Jean Milburn recommends this volunteer who will provide contact info, message and instructions to individuals who want to write letters to Georgia.  You round up your materials.  If interested, respond by Nov 26!

Adopt as few as five Georgia voters, and write them letters with Vote Forward.  They supply contact information and message, you supply the materials and mail them.

It seems that GOP voters are not participating in polls and we have to apply the worst case margin of error to get an idea of where races really stand. 

We lost all of the promising races except Kelly (AZ) and Hinkenlooper (CO) - polls were fairly misleading.  The Senate stands at 50 GOP and 48 Dem, which is why the Georgia Runoff is critical. 

With 218 needed for a majority, the vote stands at 219 Dem, 204 GOP and 12 still in play, of which three lean Dem.  The Washington Post reports that in a strategy call, Spanberger and other moderate Democrats who captured seats in 2018 criticized the House strategy for pushing far left positions at the expense of moderate views.

With only one or two states still counting, control of state legislatures remains unchanged.  We have more work to do for 2022!  However, Sister District has a detailed analyis and positive comparison with where we are compared with the last redistricting in 2010.  Also, kudos to progress in Georgia thanks to Stacey Abrams.

All are welcome - You need not be a member or even a resident!  We have unenrolled volunteers too.  The CDTC has member and associate member openings.  CONTACT us if you would like to talk.

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