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Next CDTC Meeting

Jun 20, 700PM 2024

You may contact the chair for

a link to the meeting.   

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Functions of Local Committees 

"Town, ward and city committees are the foundation of Party organization and have the closest contact with the people...Local committees are intended to be working committees, dedicated to the cause of winning elections..."   - Massachusetts Democratic Party Charter, Article Two, Section I.

Local Events

More Luxury Jet Traffic at Hanscom:  There is a move afoot for Carlisle to join other towns near Hanscom AFB to oppose adding hangars for luxury private jets.  The Select Board recently heard a presentation in favor of stopping this project that included data on how much more jet fuel will be burned if the proposed project is done.  Note that casual observers and climate change deniers think the proponents' talk of how energy efficient the buildings will be is the whole story.  It is not.  The biggest problem by far is the additional private jet traffic.  The SB will undertake to discuss this again and vote at the June 25 meeting.  Keep up with upcoming agendas and plan to attend the discussion and vote.

The CDTC itself is thinking of publically opposing the Hanscom plan to increase private jet traffic.  The process to hold a vote on this at the next CDTC meeting has just gotten under way and members will be receiving email.

The Concord DTC is hosting a forum with the November candidates for the Governor's Council Get acquainted with this little dicussed position in MA government.  


Annual Picnic!

Middlesex 3rd District Picnic hosted by the Carlisle DTC is planned for Sunday, August 25 this year.  We are hoping to avoid the worst of the summer heat!  Per usual there will be canopies.  We need volunteers!  


We are organizing activities such as postcarding, texting, and training to add to sign holding in the town center.  Stay tuned for  more information, and how to sign up for action you will want to take.  Below is the 2024 strategy with a list of 8 important states and, below that, a few examples of action you can take on your own.  The new Volunteers page is coming soon.

2024 Key States and Strategy

At the March 21 meeting Michael Ansara briefed the CDTC on the state of 2024 elections.  He introduced  us to Volunteer Blue.  This site has states recommended for grass roots work as well as a calendar of events to sign up for with filters so you can look for what interests you most. 

From the above data and also partner Swing Blue Alliance, the CDTC now has a list of recommended states in which to work.  Available data, such as candidate names are included.   The eight most important states are (no particular order):  PA, NY, AZ, NC, WI, MI, OH, MT.  There are additional watch states.  Later, priorities will be set based on number of how many close races each state has as determined by the Cook Report and other sources.

Write Post Cards 

This year we have two organizers trading off periodically!  One is packaging cards from Reclaim Our Vote aimed at making sure that underserved and minority voters are aware of upcoming votes and how to register to vote.  ROV postcards for Pitt County, NC are available now for porch pickup.  The other source is Indivisible Concord which has cards for voters in various swing states.   The next batch will be Indivisable starting in late June.


Reach Out to Young Voters

This is an elusive demographic, but the NextGen organization has texting, phoning, and post cards to reach them.  This month theya re texting in Texas and Pennsylvania, once each.  Try this on your own, and let us know how it goes, thank you!


Texting Opportunities with the Working Families Party

The Working Family Party, national level, has been holding text sessions right along for state legislators and other elected positions that pop up.  They use the standard tools:  Slack and Spoke.  They have sessions Tuesdays 6-8 EST in swing districts. Super moderators, good scripts, basic training and advanced with more flexible hours!


Issues Awareness in Carlisle Center

After much to-ing and fro-ing, the sign holding rules seem to have been clarified and agreed to by everyone:  one sign held by one person, multiple people, each holding one sign, welcome.  Thanks to a mild winter so far, one or more folks have been holding signs.  Thanks to Frank and Bonnie!  Excerpts from her latest report:

"The highlight of Friday, 12/23, was when a driver of a silver school van slowed and said "Merry Christmas, Love." It warmed the 33F afternoon....On 12/29, it was warmer, 44F, a pretend rain, and only one driver slowed and shook his head. Maybe the holiday spirit? Without some way to count, it's hard to tell the ratio of positive waves and honking horns to "stoney faces," but there is plenty of encouragement to continue, weather permitting."

Get Involved

All are welcome - You need not be a member or even a resident!  We have unenrolled volunteers who support Democrats too.  The CDTC has member openings as well as a Friends list.  Drop into a meeting to see what we are about, or contact us if you would like to talk.

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