Important  2020 Election Dates

Primary Dates

  • Jul 15:  Registered voters receive mail-in ballot applications.

  • Early Vote: Sat 8/22 - Fri 8/28

  • Aug 26: Last date to request mail-in ballot application. 

  • Primary Day:  Tue, Sep 1.  Mail-in ballots must be recived on or before this day.

General Election Dates

  • Sep 14:  Registered voters receive mail-in ballot applications.

  • Early Vote: Sat 10/17 -Fri 10/30

  • Oct 28: Last date to request mail-in ballot application.

  • General Election Day: Tue, Nov 3

  • Nov 3:  Mail-in ballots must be post marked by this day and received by 11/6.

Registration reduced from 20 to 10 days prior to election day.  Receipt of mailed-back  ballots by the SOC will be acknowledged.  You are strongly advised to:

  • make a timeline in your calendar for all the steps, including receipt back of mail-in ballot confirmation.

  • start your steps early - don't count on mail working on a tight schedule.

CDTC Facebook Feed

Carlisle Rising to Action

The CDTC is partnering with our town's chapter of Indivisible on some projects and using each others' outreach channels for publicity

Canvass Now

Write Postcards  encouraging Mail-In & helping purged voters get enrolled

Choose your favorite method and sign up.  Due to covid-19, only remote canvassing has been explored so far.

Kits, which contain everything needed, are delivered to your door in safety by a CRTA volunteer.  You write and mail.  Currently we are writing to FL (40 pks) and TX (20 pks) urging voters to apply for mail-in ballots.  The TX list is part of Reclaim Our Vote, which contacts voters on the NAACP list of purged names.  We are in our 5th round.  To join the Post Card Warriors, email

Text for Sara Gideon,   Senate, against Susan Collins in ME

Early voting has started in ME and it is time to reach out to voters again.  ThruText provides voter lists and status, standard messages, and ability to respond to voters.  Keep a Slack channel open where you can get help from ME experts if you need it. To get invitations, email

The ME primary is July 14, and Sara has two opponents: Betsy Sweet and Bre Kidman. 

You can find out more about all the candidates at Force Multiplier and also make an escrow donation for the winner.  Sara has the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee endorsement.  The other two hold more liberal positions.

Scroll to Maine.


Smart Choices with analysis from Force Multiplier and Nate Silver's 538

These sites let you track candidates you like who are in tight races.  This is where your money makes a difference.  For instance, 538 shows Amy McGrath even with Mitch McConnell in KY as of May 20, despite Trump leading Biden by a wide margin in that state.

Get Involved

All are welcome - You need not be a member or even a resident!  The CDTC has member and associate member openings.  CONTACT us if you would like to talk.

Text Voters In PA with Back2BluePA

[Note:  when you have canvassed online with a campaign, you can ask a moderator to be put on their invite list directly.]

Biden Campaign - we are helping build a list of volunteers in the state VoteBuilder database.  We plan to stay in touch with these volunteers.

Pennsylvania just had their primary amid a lot of mail failures for mail-in ballots.  B2B is very well organized and uses Slack and Hustle which, if you took the EVP training, you already know - the easiest of all texting.  For invites, email

We are currently phoning Carlisle residents who have indicated support for Joe Biden to ask for their participation.  A great way to get into phone banking with people you know.  So far we have found 23 volunteers!  To join the recruiting effort, email

The Key States

Convenient map showing the swing states for President, Senate, House, re-districting.  

Carlisle DTC co-chairs:

Nancy Kronenberg, webmaster

Bob Kearney


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