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Next CDTC Meeting

Jan 2024?

You may contact the chair for a link to the meeting.   

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Post Cards!

So far packages for VA and CA (focused on pro-choice) have been sent to volunteers.  Next, the team will be reviewing what has been learned from the two different venders used - the first was very easy, but more expensive, and the second was Activate America, recommended by others, but was much more work for the packaging team  and somewhat more work for volunteers.  Stay tuned while completing the CA cards....

Texting Opportunities with the Working Families Party

Is your mailbox filling with requests for 2024 candidate support?  Right now, they are looking for donations.  Polls are a little early to plan around, and it is too soon for texting and phone banks with Democratic parties which provide coverage by  promoting the whole ballot.  If you want to get your hand in on texting for whomever is holding texting sessions, here is a recommendation:

The Working Family Party, national level, has been holding text sessions right along for state legislators and other elected positions that pop up.  They use the standard tools:  Slack and Spoke.  They are currently in a relaxed mode with just one session in each of Nov (21), Dec and January.


Issues Awareness in Carlisle Center

After much to-ing and fro-ing, the sign holding rules seem to have been clarified and agreed to by everyone:  one sign held by one person, multiple people, each holding one sign, welcome.  Thanks to those who persisted.  It is pretty safe to assume that sign holding will be suspended till next spring, when the weather warms up again.

Massachusetts Election Results 2022


Lt. Governor

Attorney General

Secretary of State


State Treasurer

State House 14th

Middlesex DA

Middlesex Sheriff

Middlesex Gov Council

Maura Healey

Kim Driscoll

Andrea Campbell

William Galvin

Diana DiZoglio

Deborah GoldBerg

Simon Cataldo

Marian Ryan

Peter Koutougian

Marilyn Devaney

Summary of National Results 2022

Here were poll data-based goals for the Senate - with Governor opportunities - set last August-September:

Protect in priority order

1.  Cortez Masto (NV)

2.  Warnock (GA)

2. Kelly, he's well ahead, possible Gov flip

3. Hassan (NH)

Flip red to blue:  ​

1.  WI  Defeat Johnson, Protect Gov Evers

1  OH Ryan to flip

2.  NC Beasley to flip 

2.  PA Fetterman flip and flip Gov

Facebook Feed

Excellent Results!  All the Protect candidates won, despite very narrow margins right before the election.  In the Flip column, Fetterman had a comfortable win for PA Senator.  Three Governors in states where we worked for Senators, either held or flipped red to blue:  Katie Hobbs (AZ flip), Tony Evers (WI hold) and Josh Shapiro (PA flip).  We lost in both OH and NC Senate races as those candidates slipped quite a bit by the end of October and fell off the recommended list.  Ditto for Senate in WI.  The priorities were set according to whether the candidate was in or outside the sweet spot polling at 1-4% above his/her opponent.  All were tracked and adjusted through late October.  This is near-ideal targeting as zero losses would indicate we played it a little too safe.

Get Involved

All are welcome - You need not be a member or even a resident!  We have unenrolled volunteers too.  The CDTC has member and associate member openings as well as a Friends list.  CONTACT us if you would like to talk.

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