Inauguration Day!

CDTC Participates in National Day of Service

 Jan 11 through Friday Jan 15 we accepted food donations in a bin at Gleason Library. It was quite successful!  The town donated 4 and a half bins full plus a car that trailed Bob Kearney to Billerica one day with additional donations. 

Democrats Win Nationally

Thanks to all who helped Biden/Harris win decisively and eke out narrow wins in the US House and Senate.  In 2021, we need to be prepared with any special elections that come along in order to hold both houses.  NB:  The Senate leadership can't become Democratic until both GA Senators have been sworn in, sometime prior to Jan 22. 

CNN calls Warnock the winner and, in an interview he recalls his path to this place, and how proud his mother was to vote for him.  Ossoff leads, and that race is called a short while later.

 Nov 8, CNN calls Biden/Harris and Abby Phillip talks about the election and what it means to the country.

January 6 - 7, 2021

On the morning of Wednesday, Jan 6, Trump incites his core supporters to march to the Capitol where Congress is meeting to certify the electoral votes.  The intent:  block the certification of Biden/Harris. The mob storms and occupies the building.  After a few hours and several deaths, safety is restored and Congress courageously returns and works until 4AM to certify.  We owe thanks to the vast majority who voted down objections to certifications.  Historic picture or Mike Pence handing over the final vote tally, as Nancy Pelosi looks on.

Nancy Pelosi has moved swiftly and Trump has the distinction of being the only president to have been impeached twice.  The CDTC published a strong letter to the editor of the Carlisle Mosquito (1/15/21.)   Plans are for the article of impeachment (incitement to insurrection) to be forwarded to the Senate for soon-to-be Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to deal with.  In a CNN interview, Senator Klobuchar stated that the Senate can do a trial during afternoons and legislation in the mornings.  It's what was done in the first trial - did you ever wonder why each session began at noon?

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Get Involved

All are welcome - You need not be a member or even a resident!  We have unenrolled volunteers too.  The CDTC has member and associate member openings.  CONTACT us if you would like to talk.

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