Welcome to the Carlisle Democratic Town Committee

 May 19, 07:00PM!   


Next CDTC Meeting

Simon Cataldo, who is running for our MA State House representative, will join us to talk and take questions at 7pm.  We are also on a campaign to recruit new members.  If you are concerned about the direction of our country, drop in to see what we are doing!   The meeting is via zoom.  If you are not a member or on our Friends list, please email nancycdtc@rosepath.com for an invite link.

State Endorsing Convention

The convention is June 3 and 4th at the DCU Center in Worcester.  The main event is Saturday, the 4th, and there will be a virtual attendance option.  This year the delegates will vote on candidates for office and winners will be endorsed by the convention.   If you are a Carlisle Democrat and you are a member of a minority group, you may apply to be an Add-On Delegate to the Carlisle Delegation.  Carlisle is sending 4 Delegates and 1 Alternate, plus Co-Chair Bob Kearney and two members who are also on the State Committee.   Simplify your life by registering to vote now!

Important Election-Related Dates

Town of Carlisle

Sat, April 30, 10am

May 10, 7am-8pm

LWV Carlisle Candidates Forum - 10am-11:30am, recorded:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KW3sP9sgmhI  

Election Day, 7am - 8pm...


Jun 3, 4th


Sept 6

Nov 8

State Dem Convention to vote on endorsements and to put those with more than 15% on the ballot.

MA State Primary.  Town Hall, 66 Westford Street

Election Day,  Town Hall.  Deadline for receiving absentee ballots

2022 Carlisle DTC Strategy

Efforts to elect Democrats are probably the  highest leverage route to help with all our issues.  In Carlisle we have recently been reminded of the importance of focusing on well-qualified candidates up and down the whole ballot.  Already, state office candidates are calling to talk with us about our top issues in MA, for instance the need for faster  implementation of the Act Creating a Next-Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy.  As we speak with candidates we have the opportunity to express the importance of climate change action now, and help educate them where needed.  Here is the list of candidates that may be on our primary ballot:

We plan to continue as we did in 2020, partnering with organizations in key states early and adding campaigns as they get going.  Our committee members' strengths are urging like-minded voters to make sure they are registered and get to the polls via text and phone banks, and postcards/letters.  The same contact who provided us with postcard packages is up and running now, and we'll be participating soon.  This effort will help mitigate some states' efforts to remove voters from the rolls and discourage them from voting.

Stay in touch with work to prevent erosion of voter rights in many states.  For a change, there activity in Congress with some bipartisan support, for amending the Electoral Count Act of 1887.  At present this provides the hole for state legislators to overturn the will of their voters, the ultimate voter suppression.

Opportunities to Help

Postcards for Campaigns in Swing States that Employ Voter Suppression

Our trusty contact in Indivisible is making post card packages again.  Periodically we send out an invite to participate in writing the next batch.

Attend Candidate Visits and Debates

The Carlisle DTC is inviting candidates for state office to visit our meetings and speak with us.  Consult the Calendar for the meetings  March 17, April 21, and May 19th.  We have already had Quentin Palfry and Danielle Allen, candidates for state AG, and Governor respectively.  Also, Vivian Birchall (State House) and Sonia Chang-Diaz (Governor) who visited us March 17 and April 21 respectively.  We will have another at our May 19th meeting.

The Middlesex 3rd Area Democrats (3rdMAD) annual breakfast has just been postponed from May 21 to Saturday, Sept 24, same time  9-noon .  They have many current office holders and candidates with whom you can speak.  Tickets are $40 for full breakfast and you need to purchase for September.  The Carlisle DTC has purchased nearly a full table for 10 or you can go on your own.

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Mass Dems Organizing Hub

Join Saturday afternoon Zoom meetings to contact grass roots workers and voters in other states.  Right now they are supporting a NH State House candidate, and grass roots workers for voter rights in WI.  Contact Alex Bausch for more information and to sign up: Bausch.alex@gmail.com

How We Can Help Ukraine

CDTC Facebook Feed

Get Involved

All are welcome - You need not be a member or even a resident!  We have unenrolled volunteers too.  The CDTC has member and associate member openings as well as a Friends list.  CONTACT us if you would like to talk.


A moving rendition of the Ukrainian national anthem by Yo-Yo Ma, pianist Emanuel  Ax, and violinist Leonidas Kavakos as they open a concert to a standing ovation.

Ukrainian Anthem

Thank President Biden for his vision and success uniting the West. Thank our Congress-men and -women via office phone or opinion form for their bi-partisan support of sanctions and aid and ask that they continue to work together to aid Ukraine.

We recommend donations to any of three Non-Government Organizations who are working in Ukraine and border countries with refugees.