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Next CDTC Meeting

Feb 15, 2024

You may contact the chair for a link to the meeting.   

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State Convention 2024 - May 31 -June 1

The State Convention is planned for Friday May 31 - Saturday June 1 at the DCU Center Arena in Worcester.  The timing is dictated by the national elections.   The CDTC Caucus to choose delegates to the Convention will be Saturday March 2, 10 AM

Election Dates for DTC Members and Officers

Members' 4 year terms:  Elected members shall hold office for four years until the thirtieth day following the
day on which the presidential primaries are next held

Officers' 2 year terms:  Elected once after the members election in a window of 30 - 40 days after the election.  Then officer elections are held two years in the mid-term year no later than April 15. 

This year's dates:

  • Pres Primary
    Early Voting:

Sat Feb 24

Mon Feb 26

Tue Feb 27

Wed Feb 28

Thu Feb 19

Fri Mar 1

noon - 4 PM

10 AM - noon

4 - 6 PM

8 - 10 AM

1 - 3 PM

9 - 11 AM

  • Primary and members' election:  March 5, 2024

  • Mail-in ballots must arrive by Tue Feb 28 - allow 5 days.

  • Annual Town Caucus:  March 20, 2024: elect town officers.

  • CDTC Caucus to choose Convention delegates:  Mar 2, 10 AM

  • CDTC Officers' election:  April 4 - April 14, date TBD

Write Post Cards and 2024 Strategy Information

Our previous post card provision plan has segued into writing with the Concord Carlisle group, the CC Action Team.  They host phone banking and post cards in local homes - it's a social+grassroots event.  Post cards may be picked up and taken home.  Contact:  TBD

Strategy 2024

On January 4, the CC Action Team held a political briefing featuring Michael Ansara.  He offered some  advice in choosing races to help and it is almost the same as the CDTC used last year:  

  • Be strategic - Ignore the stars who are way ahead and the hopeless cases with no chance.  Look for races where a small boost can make all the difference.

  • Be flexible - Races change and you need to prepare to change too by switching candidates according to above filter.


Michael also passed out a list of all the recommended Senate and House races.  This is based on the Cook Report, which the CDTC also used last year.  Assembling this data and the interesting candidates is a lot of work - time to get acquainted with the Cook Politcal Report!

Texting Opportunities with the Working Families Party

The Working Family Party, national level, has been holding text sessions right along for state legislators and other elected positions that pop up.  They use the standard tools:  Slack and Spoke.  They have sessions 6-8 EST in swing districts.  They have excellent moderators, good scripts and training.


Issues Awareness in Carlisle Center

After much to-ing and fro-ing, the sign holding rules seem to have been clarified and agreed to by everyone:  one sign held by one person, multiple people, each holding one sign, welcome.  Thanks to a mild winter so far, one or more folks have been holding signs.  Thanks to Bonnie!  Excerpts from her latest report:

"The highlight of Friday, 12/23, was when a driver of a silver school van slowed and said "Merry Christmas, Love." It warmed the 33F afternoon....On 12/29, it was warmer, 44F, a pretend rain, and only one driver slowed and shook his head. Maybe the holiday spirit? Without some way to count, it's hard to tell the ratio of positive waves and honking horns to "stoney faces," but there is plenty of encouragement to continue, weather permitting."

Get Involved

All are welcome - You need not be a member or even a resident!  We have unenrolled volunteers too.  The CDTC has member openings as well as a Friends list.  Drop into a meeting to see what we are about, or contact us if you would like to talk.

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