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We worked hard in 2020 to get Democrats elected and are so happy to have calm national leadership with deep knowledge of American governance.  Now it is time to get back to work!  Some very big issues await.

2021 Strategy

Off Year? Elections Are As Important As They Ever Have Been!  We have unusually challenging issues right now.  And, partisan margins at many levels of government are so narrow, with major legislation needing passage, that we have to focus on every possible vulnerable seat in the US Congress, as well as MA governorship.   We plan to continue as we did in 2020, partnering with organizations in key states early and adding campaigns as they get going.  


Voter Rights:  We certainly wish that the Pandemic-driven expansion of voting options with the resulting record high voter turnout would continue, but currently most states are busy trimming them back (including MA, according to CNN.)   Some GOP members have said that, if you let everyone vote, they cannot win any more elections and so the election playing field needs to be "leveled".  This attitude hardly seems to agree with the Constitution.  Revised election laws can unfairly target areas and demographics that contain disproportionately more Democrats and people of color. Again, we seek partners engaged in activities like registering voters and getting out the vote in key states and supporting legislation in Congress to implement minimal requirements in state voting rules.  The H1/S1 bills (aka For the People Act) sets minimum requirements for voter rights at the national level,  thus helping out what is left of the Voter Rights Act guarantees that were gutted by the Supreme Court in 2013.  S1 cannot pass with the 60 Senate vote rule, and opposition by two moderate democrats, so this is an issue requiring patience and persistence.  The 60 vote procedure has been an effective tool against voter rights for all citizens:

In addition, districts will be redrawn soon, mostly by state legislatures, the majority of which are GOP controlled.  There is a long term project working on state legislatures called the Sister Redistrict Project, but it too is going to require patience.

Climate Change Action.  The whole world needs to pick up the pace.  A lot. There is some good news here.  MA has just passed and Governor Baker signed An Act Creating a Next-Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy.  This needs to be watched closely as much of the implementation is still in the future and Baker is cautious about possibly offending Republicans.  What we have:  a clear timeline, and funds for specific initiatives to begin relative to Climate Change Action.  Progress in this area involves changing our economy in fundamental ways by moving from fossil fuel to clean energy, a transition that will affect different segments of our population unevenly.  The CDTC plans to explore some of the ways in which the roadmap will affect peoples' lives with our State Rep and Senator.  The second piece of good news is that President Biden has revealed his Infrastructure proposal, including financing methods such as  elimination of fossil fuel subsidies by the Federal Government.  This is a key step.  

More Issues:   We have many others on our list, for those who are interested:  Improving our election system  (removing big money, electoral college, transparency, etc), civil rights and racial justice,  health care, education and transparent rules in the currently very opaque MA House.  More opportunities will be posted as they develop.

Opportunities to Help

MA Climate Change Legislation - Get Up to Speed:  We have a note with links to short documents that help you understand the latest MA climate change legislation, aka, Act Creating a Next-Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy.  Aka, HD 1972.  This document is not so short, natch.

Q&A with Rep Tami Gouveia 4/15/7pm:  If you would like to attend but are not a DTC member, associate member, or friend, send a note to Bob Kearney (below).  The theme is how the new MA legislation will affect our lives, including how is the cost of the transition to clean energy going to be managed fairly.  If possible, read the above document.

An S1 postcard campaign has been organized by Swing Left Boston.  The package pickups are in the Boston area, so we should have volunteer(s) willing to pick up and deliver to a local pickup in Carlisle.  If interested, in pickup, contact Nancy (below).  Each package has 50 post cards, instructions, stamps recipient list, $22, and should be completed and sent in one week.  

(Note:  follow the Example link and at the very end, you will find training with End Citizens United for texting!)

Mass Dems Organizing Hub

Join Saturday afternoon Zoom meetings to contact grass roots workers and voters in other states.  Right now they are supporting a NH State House candidate, and grass roots workers for voter rights in WI.   Contact Alex Bausch for more information and to sign up:  Bausch.alex@gmail.com

Get Involved

All are welcome - You need not be a member or even a resident!  We have unenrolled volunteers too.  The CDTC has member and associate member openings as well as a Friends list.  CONTACT us if you would like to talk.

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Carlisle DTC co-chairs:

Nancy Kronenberg, webmaster


Bob Kearney 



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