Carlisle Democratic Town Committee Operations 

The committee currently has 27 members, four of whom are lifetime members (20 years or more.)   Quite a few members came in shortly after Donald Trump was elected, fired up to strengthen progressive ideals in the face of GOP threats to move the country backwards.  Members are elected for four year terms in presidential election years on the democratic ballot.  Vacancies are filled by committee vote any time.  We also have Associate members who want to know about volunteer activities without to meeting the usual meeting attendance expectations.


Officers are elected for two year terms in election years.  Vacancies are filled till the end of the current term period.

Co-Chair:  Bob Kearney
Co-Chair:  Nancy Kronenberg
Secretary:  Maureen Cosgrove-Deery
Treasurer:  Rick Oches

Vice Chair:  open

Membership/Diversity/Youth:  open



The standard time is the evening of the 3rd Thursday every month except for December, and  state caucus month.  Meetings officially run from 7pm to 8:30pm and are preceded by chair setup and informal conversation.  Invited guests are informed of the chance to talk with some members before 7.  Meetings are open to the public.  Meetings are in:

Hollis Room, third floor of Gleason Library

22 Bedford Road, Carlisle, MA 01741.

Gleason Library - Where CDTC meets

Gleason Library

Find Out About CDTC-Hosted Events

Announcements of upcoming meetings, and CDTC-hosted events are published in the Carlisle Mosquito on the Friday preceding the events, or two Fridays in advance if the Mosquito is missing a week.

Upcoming CDTC events including the meetings are posted on our calendar.  Activities of interest are described in the What's New column of our home page and on Facebook.



The town committee's By-Laws are based on the "Sample By-Laws" provided by the state.  The Sample By-Laws are the default By-Laws if a committee doesn't write its own.  Since the CDTC's By-Laws omit some topics in the state's sample By-Laws, links to both are included here:

Policies and Procedures

This document is a beginning and will grow as we settle more questions over time.  It covers only topics that are left to individual DTCs.  


How Members and Officers Are Elected

This blissfully short - by government standards - brochure put out by the Secretary of State explains how members and officers are elected to a DTC. Briefly members are (re)elected every four years on the Presidential primary ballot.  Newly elected members convene 30-40 days after primary day to elect officers.   Next primary is March 3, 2020;  this puts the elections between April 3 and April 13, 2020.


Past Agendas

Past Minutes