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Partners For 2021 and Beyond

The following is a list of organizations with whom we have worked.  We seek partners who offer eduction and work in our priority areas who organize events and work of the type we like to do:  texting, phoning, postcards. Eventually we hope to get back to door-to-door canvassing. 

Environmental Voter Project

Focus:  A national organization that encourages people to vote in a demographic that is often overlooked:  people with an interest in the environment (including of course climate change) who have spotty voting records. 


Where:  National

What they Do:  They text and phone to get these folks voting again.  They also train canvassers and may be canvassing at times when others are not.  They follow up with public voting records to see how much difference their contact work made in votes.

Plans 2021:  Contacting their demographic is continuous - the website lists events going on right now!

Swing Blue Alliance (formerly Swing Left Boston)

Focus:   National elections, goals and plan.  In 2018 they led us to take back the US House;  in 2020, to hold the House, take back the Senate, and recapture the White House.   They don't stop in "off" years.  In 2023 they are starting with the State Supreme Court race in WI.

Where: Local grass roots with national impact, but anyone can sign up

What they Do:  Deploy grass roots volunteers from the Boston area (but you can sign up from anywhere) to swing states in the country.  Define clear goals and a strategy which they revise throughout the election cycle.  They are led by some very knowledgeable and dedicated people who will answer your emailed questions.  Join to get newsletter.

Mass Dems Organizing Hub

Focus:  MA Dems doing grass roots projects 

Where:  MA 

What they Do:  Saturday afternoon Zooms, to make calls for candidates, to stay in touch with voters, and do special projects.   Right now they are calling to support a NH state House candidate, and previous voter protection advocates in WI.

Contact:  Alex Bausch,

Act On Mass

Focus:   Issues in or effecting MA, very active in trying to introduce transparency into the MA House, which they call The Transparency is Power Campaign.  Join to get more access to notes, training, news.


Where:  MA, senior staff mostly in eastern MA.

What they Do:  They publish clear documentation on problems and goals and work to be done.  They visit groups around MA to educate and recruit.  They publish state legislature vote results in areas of interest.    They align with us on many issues, such as climate change, MA House transparency which effects all legislation,
same day voter registration, etc.

Plans 2021:  In progress for rules vote delayed until July 2021.  Plan available soon.

Sister District Project

Focus:   State Legislatures.  This area is important because many states put their legislatures in charge of gerrymandering, ooops, we mean in charge of districting.  State legislatures also set election law and this very minute are busy engineering voter suppression.  The GOP has a firm grip on the majority of state legislatures, so  this is where a lot of voter suppression begins.  


Where:  National, and regional, MA-RI

What they Do:  They identify strategic seats in swing districts.  Volunteers in “sister" blue states canvass, phone, text, write postcards and fundraise for candidates who will further democratic agendas.

Plans 2021 - 22:  They have them and you can join now!

Concord Indivisible

Focus:   Local volunteers with national impact

Where:  Local volunteers with national impact -> Zoom events


What they Do:  Organize and support local demonstrations.  For 2020 we connected to a member who made endless post card packages we picked up and distributed to people in Carlisle who wanted to write post cards for Reclaim Our Vote (helping those in areas with high voter suppression) and also directly with the FL Democratic Party.  This is a good group to join.  To get a flavor of all they offer, they have a neat timeline of their events here: 

Plans 2021:  Right now, they are in education mode for the most part....

Reclaim Our Vote

Focus:   Voter Suppression

Where:  National


What they Do:  In the 2020 cycle we worked for ROV via a Concord Indivisible member (see above.)  They are a 501C3 (nonpartisan) organization that works to get voters enrolled, particularly contacting those who have been purged.   In 2021 they will be writing postcards again, and texting  in VA which has statewide elections.   Would the CDTC like to see if perhaps we would like to take on a project as a group for them helping others get involved?

Plans 2021:  

Friends of the Children

Focus:   Long term aid and mentoring for children in poverty.  

Where:  Boston

What they Do:  


Plans 2021:  We have had this organization on our list for some time to invite them to come speak to us and get them some visibility and help in Carlisle. 

Stay tuned...



What they Do:  

Plans 2021:  

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