Contact the Carlisle DTC

One of the hardest things about grass roots action is that one voice is tiny.  By banding together we can speak with a larger voice.  Visit one of our regular meetings - usually the third Thursday of each month - in the Hollis Room, 3rd Floor of Gleason Library.  The library is just east of Carlisle Center,  22 Bedford Road, Carlisle, MA 01741.  Parking both sides and rear.  Wheel chair accessible.  Meetings and other CDTC-hosted events are in the Calendar.  Meetings are from about 7pm - 8:30pm.

All meetings are now virtual, with zoom.  If you aren't among those getting invites automatically, contact co-chairs Bob Kearney or Nancy Kronenberg below. 

We have openings for members, associate members, and also a Friends list, for which you need not be enrolled in a party, or even a town resident.

Gleason Library where the committee meets