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Ways to Get Involved

There are many ways to participate in elections:

  • Register to vote

  • Help others register to vote

  • Educate your children in civics!  Bring teens to a Carlisle Democratic Town meeting!

  • Volunteer with your local DTC or Indivisible Chapter

  • Volunteer to write postcards, letters, phone bank, text.

  • Donate - already mid-term candidates for re-election and some first timers are asking for donations.  

US Congress on Issues

Data shows it's not public opinion that gets Congress to pass legislation.  The fact is, that even one's own US Senators seem too busy to respond, and writing out-of-state Senators is usually a complete loss as they have an agreement with one another not to respond to another state's constituents. (This arrangement was an insight shared by Angus King in  response to email sent to all Senate Intelligence Committee members.  It makes no difference if you are responding positively to a committee's work.)  Writing our Rep, Lori Trahan,  does yield responses, and our three Congressional reps can be seen at town halls and some other events around the state. Our State Rep and Senator are highly responsive.

Real legislative change in Congress is usually the result of of two things:

  1. Elections

  2. A critical mass of states passing legislation.  The following video centers around building support for excising corrupt influences from politics; but the persuasive animated graphics illustrate the power of past efforts in state legislatures on several issues.  

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