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Welcome to the Carlisle Democratic Town Committee

Upcoming Events

Carlisle DTC Takes a Vacation!

No meetings in July and August.  Next meeting after the caucus will be Thursday,  September 16, 7 PM.  A little light work will continue during the summer though, including planning and preparing for ....

... September Picnic, Middlesex 3rd District!

We missed last year, but this year join us Sunday, September 19th 1-4PM outdoors at 64 Timothy Lane, Carlisle.  Meet your representatives and 2022 candidates, enjoy conversation, grilled food and side dishes compliments of the CDTC and MAD community.  No rain date.  If, for any reason the picnic is cancelled, there will be a candidates' zoom later.  Be sure to check this page for any last minute changes!

Due consideration will be given to covid, including conforming to any evolving state/town mandates, social distancing, providing masks, etc. 

We need volunteers for food, setup / breakdown, manning the sign in table, etc.  Email Nancy Kronenberg at

2021 Carlisle DTC Strategy

Off Year? Elections Are As Important As They Ever Have Been!  We have unusually challenging issues right now.  And, partisan margins at many levels of government are so narrow, with major legislation needing passage, that we have to focus on every possible vulnerable seat in the US Congress, as well as MA governorship.   We plan to continue as we did in 2020, partnering with organizations in key states early and adding campaigns as they get going.   Efforts to elect Democrats are probably the best we can do to help with all our issues!


Voter Rights - H1/S1 or John Lewis?  We should not be surprised that the Pandemic-driven expansion of voting options with the resulting record high voter turnout were just for 2020 in many states. Now the Pandemic provisions are being trimmed, and new voting restrictions are being added.   Soon, redistricting in the states dominated by the GOP will put Democrats at another disadvantage.  Again, we seek partners engaged in activities like registering voters and getting out the vote in key states and supporting legislation in Congress to implement minimal requirements in state voting rules. 


Be aware that there are two+ legislative approaches:  H1/S1 (aka For the People Act) has sweeping provisions with respect campaign finance, gerrymandering and most other issues you might think of.  The John Lewis Voting Rights Act (S.4263) concentrates on access to the ballot.  Senator Manchin has torpedoed S1, but has worked with Republicans on a compromise bill. The Brennen Center for Justice outlines the state of play in the states - not all bad, but also very alarming trends like intimidating voters at polls and making it easier for state legislatures to override voters' voices.   The House has passed a John Lewis bill and Senators Manchin and Murkowsi both support it - but with some changes.

Climate Change Action.  The whole world needs to pick up the pace.  A lot. There is some good news here.  MA has just passed and Governor Baker signed An Act Creating a Next-Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy.  This needs to be watched closely as much of the implementation is still in the future and Baker is cautious about possibly offending Republicans.   The second piece of good news is that President Biden has revealed his Infrastructure proposal, including financing methods such as  elimination of fossil fuel subsidies by the Federal Government.  This is a key step, but, alas, the bi-partisan compromise bill may support continuing "dirty" energy, and less incentive for clean energy.   The CDTC seeks specific ways we can help, besides electing democrats.   

More Issues:   We have many others on our list, for those who are interested:  Improving our election system  (removing big money, electoral college, transparency, etc), civil rights and racial justice,  health care, education and transparent rules in the currently very opaque MA House.  More opportunities will be posted as they develop.

Opportunities to Help

2021 Elections in VA, including Terry McAuliffe for Gov:  Swing Left is working in VA which has some elections this November.  No texting or post cards at present but they are organizing phone banks and partnering with Vote Forward to write letters.

MA Climate Change Legislation - Get Up to Speed:  We have a note with links to short documents that help you understand the latest MA climate change legislation, aka, Act Creating a Next-Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy.  Aka, HD 1972.  This document is not so short, natch.   Also, the Issues page has been revised to include much new information about national action.  

Read the Current MA Dems Platform:  Click below to read the current platform and email the rest of the CDTC about to changes you think we might want to request.  

Mass Dems Organizing Hub

Join Saturday afternoon Zoom meetings to contact grass roots workers and voters in other states.  Right now they are supporting a NH State House candidate, and grass roots workers for voter rights in WI.  Contact Alex Bausch for more information and to sign up:

Get Involved

All are welcome - You need not be a member or even a resident!  We have unenrolled volunteers too.  The CDTC has member and associate member openings as well as a Friends list.  CONTACT us if you would like to talk.

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